Vitamin A

 Vitamin A

It is absorbed with dietary fat, reach blood stream via lymphatic system


It is important for:
1- normal vision
2- the immune system
4- helps the heart, lungs, kidney and other organs work properly
5-treating type 2 diabetes
6-delayed growth in children 
7-Health skin and hair
 vitamin A it contribute to the production of sebum, the oil that helps maiming levels if moisture in the skin and hair
8-Lowering cancer risk
-Adequate intakes of carotenoids from fruits and vegetables are associated with a lower risk of lung cancer, but the use of bete-carotene and vitamin supplements have not shown the same results 
(one meta -analysis suggests that some forms of vitamin A ) 
 -help protect agents prostate cancer.
(studies in Japan have suggested that beta-carotene may)
-help prevent colon cancer.


the first type :  (preformed vitamin A) found in meat poultry, fish, and dairy products
The second type : ( provitamin A) found in fruits vegetables and other plant-based products
 the most common type is provitamin A in food and dietary supplements is beta-carotene

 Daily value (DV)

For adults and children age 4 years and older (5000 IU) from a varied diet of both plant and animal foods


1-some types of fish, such as salmon
2- green leafy vegetables and other green, orange, and yellow vegetables such as broccoli carrots and squash
3-fruits including cantaloupe, apricots, and mangos
4- diary products is a major sources of vitamin A for Americans
5-fortified breakfast cereal

Vitamin A deficiency:

The most common symptoms in young children and pregnant women is eye condition called ( xerophthalmia)
1-Xerophthalmia : is the inability to see in low light, and it can lead to blindness if it isn't treated
2-decrease immune function
3-increase morbidity
Vitamin A toxicity:
Preformed vitamin A causes.... 
In pregnant women causes
6-birth defects in their babies

Provitamin A ( beta-carotene) causes ......

1- skin yellow-orange
But this condition is harmless and don't cause birth defects 

Written by
     Dr : Hassan Ahmed mostafa 
 DR : shaimaa Ahmed Abo elyazied 
 Under the patronge of owner 
Ahmed Said