vitamin D

Vitamin D

It is absorbed with dietary fat, reach blood
 stream via lymphatic system


the first type (cholecalciferol) vitamin D3.....
is main form in man, being synthesised in the skin under the action of ultraviolet light

the second type (ergocalciferol) vitamin D2.....
is the main form ingested in the diet primarily from plants.
Neither form is biologically active until it is converted in the liver to the 25-OH derivative,and this to the 1,25(OH)2
derivative in the kidney

What is Corona Virus? ( Covid_ 19 )

What is Corona Virus? ( Covid_ 19 )

The name is
(COVID 19)

It the respiratory system, such as influenza viruses of all kinds. In 2003, this virus caused a pandemic in China in the form of severe respiratory infections, and it was named SARS
And in 2012 the same virus caused many infections in the Arabian Peninsula in the form of severe respiratory infections and was called MERS-CoV
At the end of 2019, the Chinese authorities announced a limited outbreak of cases
Pneumonia in Wuhan, China. The virus that causes these conditions, known as the emerging corona virus, was isolated.
  On February 11, the World Health Organization announced the new name of the virus, COVID-19, and the resulting disease was called SARS CoV2.


Since it is a respiratory virus, the infection is spread mainly by respiratory secretions, which are spread by droplets with coughing or sneezing.
The virus is initially transmitted from animals to humans and then from humans to humans by touching surfaces with the virus and then touching its mouth, nose or eyes
     It remains active for 10 minutes on the skin and for 12-20 hours on surfaces
     - It does not spread by air
    - Additionally, it dies at + 30 degrees